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People Recipes

Raspberry Bars

Note: This recipe is from a dear friend of mine and is one of Steven's favorites.
(Of course anything with raspberry is Steven's favorite.)


Meat And Veggie Sautéed Dinner

Note: You can change this dish with different vegetables and meats, but I like to start with the onion and pepper mixture as my base. Then add one or two moist vegetables; finally adding your choice of meat. Some vegetable substitutions could be broccoli, mushrooms, summer squash etc. For meat subs you can use chopped meat, chicken, pork, anything that you can cut into bite sized pieces. Instead of crushed tomatoes you could use spaghetti sauce, or tomato sauce, whatever you have on hand for a binding sauce.


Hamburger Soup

Note:This is a simple meal to throw together or pick up a few ingredients on the way home.


Strawberry Orange Cream

Note: When strawberries are in season, this is really good. Because you are using fresh cream it will not hold more than one day in the refrigerator.


Applesauce Cake

Note: This recipe was from Herbert Borg, Peggy's Grandfather.


Dog Recipes

Dog Biscuits