Radar and Kristy

Radar and Kristy are Belgian Tervurens. They get along great together and are best of friends most of the time.

One of their favorite adventures is going to the park. They really enjoy running and jumping in the skate park area of Eldridge Park. As you can see in the photos, they both know how to play hard and rest just as hard.

One of their best routines is to beg for their evening desert. After we finish our dinner it is hard to watch the TV with 2 sets of eyes staring at you, waiting for their desert. (When we get our desert we will give each dog a biscuit.)

Both dogs enjoy some lap time, especially in the evening, although Radar can't really stay put toooooo long and keep up with his alarm job. Kristy is always ready for a good long nap on a soft lap.


Kristy standing in the field Kristy taking a rest

Kristy is 10 years old, but for the most part she does not feel her age yet. She does not really get to do agility much now but I am sure if she saw her "play ground toys" coming out, she would be really happy. (Where we live right now is not a good set up for the agility equipment.)
Her main job is "back-up" alarm. Radar will bark about someone that he sees and Kristy is right there behind him barking long after he has stopped. She still has a very cute look with a stare that could melt the coldest of hearts.


Radar laying down Radar standing

Radar is 4 years old. Loves looking for adventure and is usually on the go. When we can't get to the park, Radar will accept a stroll out back as substitute as long as he gets to sniff everywhere, run up and down over the mounds of dirt and generally just beeeeeing a dog. (OK, we stroll and he runs.) He takes his job of alarm very seriously and we are usually informed by him when our neighbors come and go from their driveway. He is the shadow that you did not know you had even during the night when you go to the bathroom.