Custom Jewelry

We design beautiful Jewelry for You.
With designs specially made for dog agility enthusiast.

Some sets that might interest you?

Agility Set
Golden Pearls
Golden Pearls Set
blue and copper with photos
Blue and Copper Photo Set

Individual Items

Photo in Metal Frame
Photo in Metal Frame
Pink Bicones and Pearls bracelet
Pink Bicones and Pearls Bracelet
Photo Bookmark
Photo Bookmark
Blue and Copper Bracelet
Blue and Copper Bracelet
Photo in Ponytail holder
Photo in Ponytail holder
Flowers with light green leaves
Flowers with Light Green Leaves
Photo in Pearls
Photo in Pearls
Agility Obstacles
Agility Obstacles
Photo in Blue Flowers Frame
Photo in Blue Flowers Frame
Agility necklace and earrings
Agility Necklace and Earrings
Bow Photo Pendant
Bow Photo Pendent
Golden Pearls
Golden Pearls
Agility Bracelets
Agility Bracelets
Flowers with dark green leaves bracelet
Flowers with Dark Green Leaves

More design styles will be coming soon.

Check back often to see if something new has been added in our Jewelry world.
Or if you would like to get an email when new designs are added, just drop me a note.

Choose any 3 items or more and receive a 10% discount off your items.

You Choose

  1. Item
    • Earnings $12.00 each
    • Bracelets $15.00 each
    • Necklace $18.00 each
    • Photo Pendants with chain $8.00 each
    • Pony tail holder and Book mark $5.00 each
  2. Design
    • Designs that anyone might want.
    • Designs for the dog agility enthusiast.
      The obstacles that are available include
      Dog Walk, A-Frame, Teeter, Wingless Jump, Winged Jump, Tire Jump, Table, and Weave Poles.
    • Unique, "one of a kind", Photo Designs.
      These are unique because they will house your photo. And through the miracle of computers, Steven will take your digital photo, work some magic, and you will receive a beautiful, finished piece. (What a great gift for someone else or yourself?) "One of a kind" because we cannot guarantee that we can acquire more than one of each photo frame design. Once a item has sold and we are not able to obtain more of that design we will remove it from the website. We will match the metal in the item as best we can for the chain and closure pieces.
  3. Size
    • For Necklace: Using a piece of string, yarn, or ribbon, drape it around your neck, to the length you would like. Send me the exact measurement.
    • For Bracelet: Using a piece of string, yarn, or ribbon, place it around your wrist, leaving a "little" room for movement. Send me the exact measurement.
    Typical measurements for necklaces and bracelets
    Women's NecklaceMen's NecklaceWomen's BraceletMen's Bracelet
    Collar 12-15 inchesChoker 18 inchesSmall 6-7 inchesSmall 8-9 inches
    Choker 15-16 inchesMedium length 19-23 inchesMedium 7.5-8 inchesMedium 9.5-10 inches
    Pendant length 18-19 inchesLong 24+ inchesLarge 8.5-9 inchesLarge 10.5-11 inches
    Matinee length 20-24 inches   
  4. Color of Metals
    • Gold tone
    • Silver tone
    • Some other type of metal or an antique finish.
    • If you are looking for Sterling Silver or Gold Plated, please email me for separate costs.
  5. Color of Small Beadwork. Choose the color of the background, border and obstacles. Primary colors work best.
  6. Personalization. Choose names or titles in uppercase. (A small bracelet could hold about 12 letters.)
  7. Type of Hardware or Closures
    • Lobster claw clasp
    • Toggle bar
    • Screw barrel clasp
    • Magnet clasp
    • Earning Wire for pierced
    • Screw clip on ear wire
    • Clamp ear clip

To place an order

Email or call (570) 596-4810

If you choose any 3 items or more you will receive a 10% discount off your items.

Shipping and handling: $5.00 per order. (For orders outside of the United States please email for shipping costs.)

Check, money order or PayPal in U.S. funds only. We do accept payment through PayPal. When you place your order by email, we will send you an invoice through PayPal, where they will provide a link for you, to them for payment. You do not need a PayPal account.

Since these are mostly custom orders please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

If there are any problems with your order please let me know within 10 days of receiving the order.