Welcome to PA

In May 2011 we moved from WA to PA and the Elmira, NY area to be close to Peggy's family.
        What a change from Washington State.
        We enjoy living in the country and a calmer way of life.

Getting used to the differences between the west and east coast has been interesting, never quite sure which way the ocean is.

And the Weather!
Now I know that my complaints about the weather and such in Washington State sometimes went overboard about the rain, cold, and wind, but here in Pennsylvania it's bordering on the ridiculous.
When we first got here we had some thunderstorms that we could do without, one of which threw off two tornadoes that touched down on either side of us, admittedly some miles away but tornadoes? Gimme a break.
Then the hot and humid summer weather was somewhat crazy. I mean come on! 102 degrees? Sheeeesh!
On August 23, 2011 we were minding our own business with me at the computer working on a photo restoration and Peggy at the table checking the web site coding code when we noticed a swaying of the house. We looked at each other and said naahhhhhhh, not in Pennsylvania!? So I went online and yup, there it was, an earthquake in Virginia. There was more damage there than initially reported with some cars being crushed by falling bricks & such from buildings.
So what now we thought?
Hmmmmmm, remember hurricane Irene? Fortunately we were in the low risk area and only received some flooding in the garage. We caught it before there was too much damage and were able to build up a dirt barricade to keep additional water from coming in. The town across the ridge from us was not as fortunate, 3/4 of the town was wiped out by flood waters when the river overflowed it's banks.
All this in 3 months!

This winter (2012/2013) was cold and snowey whereas last year was warmer and dry most of the time.

Every few days we will take the dogs to the park for a nice long walk. It gives the dogs needed exercise and they are always learning their social skills. It also gives us some good exercise even though we don't always think we need it.

We enjoy the laid back attitude of the folks around here. We have been able to spend a couple of special celebrations with family. Peggy thinks it feels real good to be "home".


Steven with camera Steven tossing apple

Steven has been doing Photo Restoration and Retouching. And has done many photo restorations for family already.

He is also working part time at a local hardware store. It is more physical work than he would like but it helps pay the bills.

We also enjoy taking photos from our back deck and yard. Had quite a bit of fun taking photos of the fall colors!

(The Northeast does know how to do Fall, when it comes to color.)

Country Roads in the Fall Country Roads in the Fall First Snow of the Season First Snow of the Season


peggy tossing apple peggy enjoying apple

Peggy keeps quite busy with house work, cooking, grooming dogs, and now designing and building websites. She also works part time for a local Elmira Bakery which is a lot like letting the wolf into the chicken house (don't tell her I said this or dinner will be real late tonight...if at all). By the way, neither of us has gained more then 10 pounds since she started working there.

Peggy looks forward to her "play time" of crafts like ATCD and Jewelry. Also caught the photography bug and it is not uncommon to hear that a meal will be a little late, because she is out with the camera.